The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

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Many of my clients have heard of hot stone massage and we have all seen the promotional images of black stones on people’s backs… but what does this actually mean and do these hot stones do?   Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth heated basalt stones to massage with, as an extension of their own hands.   The main benefit of hot stone massage is essentially that the heated basalt stones allows for easy access for the muscle tissue faster and at a deeper level, which allows for deeper relaxation...

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Effect of Therapeutic Massage on the Mind

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While therapeutic massage is commonly known for its physical benefits, it is now believed to show just as many positive mental benefits too, including the reduction of stress! Stress Reduction The most common mental benefit of massage is the reduction of stress. With our hectic lifestyles and so many demands from us, regular therapeutic massages are encouraged to help reduce some of the stress we accumulate throughout the day. Regular massage reduces stress by: Relaxing the whole body Lowers blood pressure Reduces stress hormones like...

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Benefits of Therapeutic Massage for the Active and Sports People

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  Regular therapeutic massage is beneficial for active and sports people, as not only does it help to prevent injuries by relaxing the muscles and stretching connective tissue prior to sports training, but also assists in faster post sport recovery and alleviating tension built up from workouts, by removing waste products that exercise creates, such as lactic and carbonic acid. It is the build-up of lactic acid that makes muscles ache and therapeutic massage helps to remove those waste products faster by stimulating the lymphatic system and...

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Knots – The In’s and Out’s

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  What exactly are the “knots”?   The medical term for “muscle knots” is myofascial trigger points. Some theories suggest this to be the result of accumulations of lactic acid or other toxins, creating soreness in the muscle fibres. The muscle does not usually literally turn into a ‘knot’ just from tension, but rather involves the muscle fibre’s actually breaking loose and becoming entangled around each other and  “knotting up”. Common knots, around the shoulder can make be painful or difficult and eventually decrease blood flow...

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Therapeutic Massage good for men too!

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Men often believe that therapeutic massage is a woman’s treatment only.  They often associate having a massage with feminine beauty spas, and don’t realise that regular therapeutic massage has both physical and emotional benefits for both men and women alike. It’s a proven statistic.  More women than men enjoy the benefits of regular therapeutic massage.  However, we can change this belief, as regular massage certainly helps men (and women) alike, to alleviate sports injuries, general aches & pains in the body, and can help...

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Bodyinsync at Venus Business Expo

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Winter Warmer – Chicken Soup for your Body, Mind and Soul

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We have all grown up with the knowledge that chicken soup is good for winter wellness.  So I decided to research this further and find out the true health benefits of chicken soup and share a recipe with you.  Let’s face it, ready-made and canned soups are too easy to come by, the recipe book has long since been relegated to the back of the cupboard. I found this article and recipe in NY Times called The Science of Chicken Soup.  Read the full article here. The writer explores whether chicken soup really does have medicinal properties...

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Hot Stone Massage available at Bodyinsync Massage & Beauty clinic in Takapuna

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Feeling the chill this winter? why not book in for Hotstone therapeutic massage to warm up, relax and unwind? What is Hot Stone Massage and why is it highly recommended ? Hot Stone Massage is an ancient healing art originating over 2000 years ago in Ancient India & China. Hot Stone Massage is a deeply soothing, relaxing form of massage water-treated basalt tones are placed on a client’s body to promote relaxation and to help open up the energy pathways (meridians) to help deep relaxation of the muscles quickly. This type of massage...

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