The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Benefits of HotStoneMassage

Many of my clients have heard of hot stone massage and we have all seen the promotional images of black stones on people’s backs… but what does this actually mean and do these hot stones do?


Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth heated basalt stones to massage with, as an extension of their own hands.


The main benefit of hot stone massage is essentially that the heated basalt stones allows for easy access for the muscle tissue faster and at a deeper level, which allows for deeper relaxation for the client.


The heat from the rocks helps helps to warm up tight muscles faster, deeper and allows the therapist to work more efficiently without using significant pressure and allows for better pain relief.

Hot stone massage also helps to improve circulation, help out to flush out metabolic waste from soft tissues, alleviate stress and improves on muscle flexibility.

All in all, a hot stone massage can provide additional benefits to a standard deep tissue therapeutic massage.

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