Thai Herbal Compress Massage

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Introducing Thai herbal compress massage…

Embark on a sensory journey with our new Benefic Thai herbal compress therapy for a powerful mind and body experience.  It’s a combination of herbal, aromatic, thermal and massage therapies in one luxurious treatment.  Medical studies point towards heat and cold therapies being effective in helping with pain and a variety of ailments.

Each handmade compress contains a dynamic blend of natural organic medicinal herbs and essential oils. All are 100% authentic and are based on recipes and techniques passed down over generations from master practitioners in the arts of Thai herbal custom.



Watch this video to see the hot compress massage therapy in action:

Take advantage of our introductory special offer, available until 24th December, or give the gift of relaxation with a gift voucher.  Contact Jayshree to enquire or book.

Benefits of Thai Hot Compress Massage:

  • improves blood circulation
  • improves the efficiency of the different organs
  • promotes deep relaxation
  • soothes aching muscle and stiff joint
  • very  relaxing and energising for tired muscles


Added Benefits of Thai Hot Compress Massage:

Herbal Massage is known for its healing properties: it improves blood circulation and stimulates the internal organs. While the heat dilates blood vessels, it increases the blood and oxygen circulation in the body and improves the efficiency of the different organs.

Natural Organic Herbs are used in the compress will also have different and specific benefits:

  • Ginger is used to treat digestive disorders and allergies,
  • Lemongrass and kaffir lime boost the immune system,
  • Jasmine has antispasmodic and anti-depressive effects,
  • Turmeric is an anti-bacterial that will heal skin infection

This massage is a Sensory journey experience – mind, body & spirit


A recent client had this to say:

Your Hot Herbal Compress Massage is amazing.  Within the first ten minutes of the massage I felt very relaxed and could have easily gone to sleep.  It was very rhythmical and the hot compresses relaxed my muscles on such  a deep level, I was able to stretch the next day without the usual tightness of my  hamstrings.  Also the de-stressed relaxed feeling stayed with me longer than with a normal massage treatment.

 I would recommend this treatment to anyone with sore tired muscles or for a complete de-stress/relax.

I will be back on a regular basis to get this treatment as its unlike anything I have experienced before.

Thanks again for such an amazing treatment.

Jenny C