Massage – the Gift of Time and Experience

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Sometimes I feel that we live a in a world of consumerism – we all just have too much stuff!!  Mostly we receive gifts we either don’t need, like or want and the gifts just collect dust!  (sad but often true).

This Christmas is a season of giving and sharing experiences  – so why not gift your loved ones, friends or colleagues a gift of massage – the perfect gift of health and pampering to show you care.

Why Massage?

Latest research shows that massage releases oxytocin, the feel good hormone that increases relaxation, raises dopamine (the pleasure centre of the brain) and improves our circulation, nervous system, digestion and endocrine system.

So why wouldn’t you want to share that with others?

What better way to decrease stress, anxiety and depression – with a therapeutic relaxing massage.

Here’s what a recent client said of their massage:

“My entire experience at Bodyinsync with Jayshree was relaxing, positive and therapeutic.   I immediately felt welcome and appreciated the time given to discussing my background and medical conditions.  Jayshree’s holistic approach to my treatment left me feeling relaxed, pain free and very positive. Thank you for your magic touch and I fully recommend your service to others”.


So, don’t let the holiday stress of finding a gift that’s just right – give the gift of massage, an experience that anyone will enjoy, relax and feel pampered – they will love you for it!


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