Massage before or after running a marathon or special event

Marathon Massage

If you are planning to run or have just participated in a triathalon, fun run, marathon or any other sports event, then it is highly recommended that you book in for a recovery massage to avoid any lactic acid build up, cramping of muscles and avoid experiencing any DOMS – more commonly known as Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness.

What are the benefits of having a Pre or Post Event recovery massage?

Pre event

Massage is specifically designed to help an athlete perform at their best & can be carried out anytime from two days to immediately before an event.

  • Increase the circulation of blood to the muscles to allow them to be flushed & keep oxygenated.
  • Help muscles to relax so the joints can be moved with full range of motion.
  • Enable the athlete to focus on their event either by relaxing or by completing their mental preparations


Post event  

Recovery massage is specifically designed to help an athlete recover as quickly & effectively as possible after their marathon or event.

  • Helps flush out the toxins and lactic acid built up during the exercise
  • Helps return muscles to a relaxed state
  • Reduce swelling and promote faster healing
  • Avoids discomfort of experiencing DOMS – Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness